Mike LeMieux is a pioneer and leader in the social media/ influencer marketing space. With more than six years of experience, Mike has executed social/digital campaigns for heavy hitting brands such as Apple, Target, Google, Disney, and so many more. He has overseen the execution of tens of thousands of branded posts and worked with thousands of influencers. Mike has shifted into mentoring and representing influencers instead of the brand while incorporating the brand experience in his portfolio to optimize the success of the campaigns his mentees create.  But most importantly, for you, Mike has helped people grow their social media followers by the millions, yes MILLIONS.

Mike teaches creators things like how to grow, how to properly create and execute branded content, how to increase their engagement with their fans, how to create content on more than 10 platforms, and more. Mike has also been an anchor for his wife, Ashley LeMieux (@TheShineProject), as she has turned an idea and $300 investment into a SEVEN figure company. His marketing tactics, relationship building skills, and creative strategy have allowed the business to thrive for more than five years.

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”
— Bruce Lee

Some of the brands Mike has worked with: